Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course.  There is no need to “supplement” with any other kind of childbirth education because we really HAVE IT ALL! 

What the heck is Hypnobabies?

Learn why I'm so passionate about teaching it, and supporting families who have learned Hypnobabies.

Heather's Hypnobabies Story

What the heck is it, who is it for, & does it work?


Home Study Advantage (HSA)

Home Study Advantage classes are for Hypno-moms and Birth Partners who have purchased and are going to use the Hypnobabies Home Study Program but also want the support of a Certified Hypnobabies Instructor. This class includes weekly virtual check-ins and one in-person class. To register for a Home Study Advantage Class click here.


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