Vaginal birth after cesarean is a SAFE & recommended option for families. This workshop reviews the statistics, safety, & big tools to get us there.

VBAC 4-Hour Workshop

ÔśĹStats ÔśĹSafetyÔśĹReview Stages of LaborÔśĹAdvocacy Tips ÔśĹAcupressure Points ÔśĹBIG SOLUTIONS for PARTNERS to do (your OB or RN won't know these tricks). Join us and envision your joyful birth. With a focus on physiologic, joyful, informed, powerful birth, we'll provide a comprehensive childbirth class with ADVANCED TIPS AND TRICKS. As both a Spinning Babies┬« Parent Educator & Aware Practitioner, weÔÇÖll integrate these amazing tools to help babies find the EASY way out.

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