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Holistic Modern Birth: Heather McCullough

CPM, Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, CAPPA Faculty CLD, CPD, CLE, Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

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TENS Unit Workshop (Transdermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

Hey there! I’m excited to finally have a workshop on use of the tens unit. 

What are some of the things that tens unit can help with, and who is this workshop for?

If you are anyone who has back, neck, or shoulder discomfort or pain, or know someone who does.

If you work with pregnant people or laboring people. If you work with people recovering from surgery, including cesarean. If you are in Lactation – yes, Lactation! It’s possible this may help with milk supply.

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Postpartum Doula Training Aug 15th, 17th & 18th

Zoom workshop - Join from anywhere!









Postpartum Doula Training (CPD) with CAPPA Aug 15th, 17th & 18th *LIVE Online COURSE*

Share your special gifts with families on their journey to caring for their baby. Become a Certified Postpartum Doula (CPD) with CAPPA. This course is designed to improve the skill base, knowledge and perspectives for perinatal & lactation professionals.

Labor Doula Training Sept 12th, 14th & 15th * LIVE * VIRTUAL

*live online* Sept 12th 6:00 pm -9:00 pm Sept 14th 11:00 am - 8:00 pm Sept 15th 11:00 am - 8:00 pm









Labor Doula Training (CLD) with CAPPA Sept 12th, 14th & 15th *LIVE Online COURSE*

Share your special gifts with families on their journey to meeting their baby. Become a Certified Labor Doula with CAPPA. This course is designed to improve the skill base, knowledge and perspectives for birth professionals.

Lactation Educator Training (CLE) with CAPPA - Sept - *LIVE VIRTUAL COURSE*

Share your special gifts with families on their journey to meeting their baby. Become a Certified Lactation Educator with CAPPA. This course is designed to improve the skill base, knowledge and perspectives for lactation professionals - and that will soon be you!

Lactation Educator Training * LIVE * VIRTUAL

Sept 28th, 29th & October 5th - this workshop will be live online









Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Want to have a shorter birth? Perhaps learn powerful coping tools for discomfort? Your partner may be wanting to learn those advanced support techniques as you do this together? Navigating your pregnancy, birth & postpartum options is our specialty!

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Childbirth Classes & VBAC Classes


Evidence Based Birth® Flipped Classroom

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner

VBAC Classes

Inspired classes & tools 

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Become a Doula or Lactation Educator with CAPPA

Labor Doula (CLD), Postpartum Doula (CPD) Lactation Educator (CLE)

Trainings are the first steps towards certification. Create your own growing business! Trainings are 3 times a year for each program.

CAPPA Trainings

Evidence Based Birth® CEUs

1. Comfort Measures for L&D Nurses

2. Savvy Birth Pro

3. Due Dates & Advanced Maternal Age

4. Newborn Procedures & the Golden Hour

5. Normalizing Homebirth Transfers

Evidence Based Birth Pro Seminars


Join us for this wonderful 4 hour class designed uniquely for women and their partners who are preparing to birth after a prior (or 2) cesarean birth! Join us & envision your joyful birth! With a focus on physiologic, joyful, powerful birth, we'll provide a comprehensive childbirth class.

Evidence Based Birth® 6 week Workshop *VIRTUAL

6 week series with both the first and last classes IN PERSON, while the 4 classes in between are 1-2 hour VIRTUAL classes where we meet as a group using the zoom platform. Are you looking for a childbirth class in Chicago, that gives you the flexibility of online learning, but also the support of in-person connections?

Hypnobabies 6 Week Classes *VIRTUAL

Hypnobabies is a complete childbirth education course PLUS learning SELF-hypnosis for birth. There is no need to “supplement” with any other kind of childbirth education because we really HAVE IT ALL! Each course lasts 6 weeks, and meets one day a week for 3-4 hours.

Spinning Babies® Parents Class *VIRTUAL

Spinning Babies is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for the easing of childbirth. Spinning Babies is a NEW PARADIGM that takes clues from baby’s position and station for natural, physiological solutions. We believe that fetal positions are not random, that babies fit the space available. There is more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues are balanced.

Placenta Encapsulation

What if women could have additional support during their post-baby time? 

Using the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method (TCM) of encapsulation, and trained through Placenta Benefits® I transform a woman's placenta into capsules. Over 80% of my clients feel they received some benefit, primarily reporting more even moods, improved energy, & decreased anxiety.

Encapsulation Info Request

"Thanks Heather, we had our nugget June 1. Your class was amazing and your tips worked! I had prodromal labor which was uncomfortable but not painful and then my labor was only 2hrs and 42 minutes!!!! Only 10 minutes of pushing! Also water birth and took away at least 15% of my pain- wouldn't do it any other way for my next kids. Thanks again for being such a great resource! "


"Heather was on call for the birth of my daughter & really helped me get through it. There was a few scary minutes when my daughter was a little stuck & Heather knew exactly what to do. I give all the credit to her for making me change positions, telling me where to put my hands, my foot & just taking over. My daughter was born 3 pushes later. If I didn't have Heather, I think it could have been a totally different outcome. Having the extra support through out my pregnancy & the delivery was priceless. I learned a lot this time! They gave me many tips on supplements, things to eat, drink & how to make sure I had the best pregnancy ever. Do yourself a favor & hire these amazing women. You will not regret it. 100 stars! "

Lauren Schuh

"I could not be happier with my experience and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!!! The majority of my experience was working with Heather. Heather completely changed everything I thought I knew about childbirth. She educated me on exactly what the body goes through and helped us understand that I had choices and the right to stand up for the type of medical care we recieved. Heather provided education, support, and guidance throughout the entire process and I am forever grateful for her. I especially love the support they offered my fiance. He was able to hold me and help me through the birth because of the guidance and support from Heather. She always allowed him and I to work together and sort of "coached" him at times. This made an incredibly painful experience much more special and and brought my fiance and I much closer together. He was just as much a part of the birth as I was and I couldn't be happier. On October 22 I naturally gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and I know I couldn't have done it without Heather. No way. Not a chance. Heather was there every step of the way providing reassurance and a comfort and her visitis after the birth were also great because it gave me time to ask all of my millions of questions and have reassurance that I was doing things right. 312Doulas are absolutely amazing and I will definitely be using them again if I have another baby! "


"Working with Heather and Victoria of 312 Doulas was an excellent experience and I'd highly recommend them for any of your birthing or pregnancy/ post partum needs. Their services aren't cheap, but they were worth every penny. My husband was a skeptic about hiring a doula at first, but after my sons birth, he said it was one of the best decisions we ever made. I was blown away by how much they both truly cared abt my experience - preparing me and my husband before with classes, an in home visit and giving me advice throughout my pregnancy. Because of this, we went into birth feeling calm, confident and ready. I know birth can be unpredictable, but I feel grateful to have had a really positive, smooth and supportive experience, which in a large part was due to their expertise. For a FTM, my (unmedicated) labor was quick and even enjoyable. Heather was so great supporting my husband, baby and I throughout - she was wonderful with the hospital staff and had endless suggestions and tips that made me more comfortable and effective during contractions and pushing. She even stayed with us after to help with breastfeeding and then later provided placenta encapsulation and postpartum support. We would definitely hire them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend to others. Thank you for everything!"

Krsitina M.

"We had the best experience with Heather and Victoria as our doulas. We would not have had such a positive birth experience if it weren't for the two of them. Our pre-natal meetings were filled with valuable information, advice, and encouragement. We left every appointment feeling so excited for our birthing time. They were always available to answer our questions and provided wonderful resources through the maternity neighborhood site. My only regret is that we didn't begin working with them sooner to take full advantage of these great resources. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to hire a doula was to support my husband. Both Heather and Victoria were great about encouraging him, praising the ways he was supporting baby and myself, and making sure he was part of the conversation. When our birthing time began he was prepared, confident, and excited to meet our baby. He says that because he was well prepared there wasn't room for fear. I love how Heather honored his birthing time as a father. Preparing for our baby's arrival together was a gift for our marriage! Our labor was quick and intense. We called Heather to ask about what we thought were Braxton Hicks contractions. She coached me through a few birthing waves on the phone and then positively responded with "I'm so happy for you. You made it to baby day." Until this point I didn't believe I was in labor. She rushed to the hospital to meet us and was at the front doors when we arrived. We found out in triage that I was fully dilated and baby was stressed. Heather made sure we got into one of the alternative birthing rooms which was wonderful because it's where we planned to have our baby. She was so calm and because of her encouragement and positivity, my husband was too. Despite the stress of so many people in the room and baby's less than ideal heart rate Heather, my husband, and our midwife stayed calm and reassured me that our baby would be okay. Their positive affirmations were so helpful. Our daughter was born shortly after our arrival to the hospital and there was so much joy in the room. Heather stayed with us to make sure baby latched, that I had something to eat, and that we were ready to snuggle in for the evening. She also made sure that we talked about everything that had just happened which was really important to me since I was in shock that our baby was already here. I am so grateful to Heather and Victoria for their passion for women and their partners. They perform their work with great love and for this we are so grateful."

Abbie H.

"We were so excited to hire Heather & Victoria as our doulas for our first pregnancy/birth based on their deep expertise, many years of experience, and the personal connection we felt when speaking with them. We felt safe and secure in their care from the moment we interviewed them all the way through the home visit post-partum. They provided great education through our pregnancy to help me prepare and reach my goal of having an unmedicated and active birth that was everything they promised - confident and joyful. Victoria attended my little guy's birth at the hospital and with her essential oils, squat chair, warm compress, guidance through different positions, and encouragement, I was as comfortable through the contractions as I could be! It was especially helpful to have her focus on my physical comfort so much husband could focus on my emotions. The two of them working together to help me was incredible. I would hire Heather & Victoria again, no doubt, and would love to be a reference for anyone looking for further details on their services. Thank you Heather & Victoria!!!"

Kelli N.

"For anyone that is thinking of partnering with a doula for their birth should look no further that 312Doulas. Heather and Victoria are extremely knowledgeable, passionate, thoughtful and caring; all traits that are vital in working with new parents. Additionally, they were very hands on and patient in working with nervous new dad's like myself. We were so fortunate to work with both Heather and Victoria and have them part of one of the biggest moments in our lives. They were very engaged throughout the birthing process and were tireless advocates and confidents for us when we were in the hospital. I cannot say enough about how happy and fortunate we were and what a terrific experience that we had with them."

Ronald C.

"Anyone planning a home birth, hospital birth, vbac, c- section, medicated, unmedicated or any kind of birth, Heather and Victoria at 312 Doulas are the most knowledgeable, informed and supportive women. Along with labor support, they advocate for you, helping you to have the birth YOU want. With everything I learned in the classes I took with them, I was able to go into my birth fear free and confident. Even as confident as I was, the contractions hit and it is a feeling you can never prepare yourself for. I had an 12 hr homebirth that I would not have made it through without Heather. Around hr 7 I was demanding a hospital and all the drugs! Heather arrived and was able to pull me back into focus and lead me to the finish line. She was the reason I was able to have the birth of my dreams."

Valerie F.

"When we found out that we were pregnant with our second, we knew that we wanted to work with a doula. We had a doula for our first when we were living in a different state and felt that the support was huge during pregnancy and birth. Additionally, wt knew we wanted to try for a VBAC and wanted to find the best team to help us with this goal. We were thrilled when we met Heather and Victoria as they were knowledgeable, compassionate, and supportive. They were able to point us in the right direction with supports in the area as well. We ended up changing our hospital and team based on their recommendations and we believe we ended up with the birth we wanted based on these factors. Heather was with us during labor and she was a constant support throughout. She encouraged me to try different positions and talked me through decisions that needed to be made in a calm manner. We are so thankful to have found Heather and Victoria and would highly recommend working with them to anyone looking for a strong doula team!"

Meg H.

"I had Heather with me for both the birth of my daughter in February 2016, and just now in July of 2018. The births could not have been different from one another, but a constant in both experiences was Heather. Her calm and knowledgeable presence made a huge difference in my experience. This last time, I firmly believe had I been left with the nurse from the hospital I may not have had the outcome I was hoping for. Heather's experience, reminders throughout my labor about breathing, changing position, etc., encouragement, and cheerleading allowed me to feel empowered to make decisions, and to have the unmedicated VBAC I was hoping for. I highly recommend the use of a 312 Doulas at your birth. Should I ever have any more children, I know that I would use them yet again."

Kathryn T.

"We chose Heather and Victoria as our doula team due to their amazing history of experience not only as doulas, but also as practicing midwives. We also loved that they were intimately familiar with Prentice Women's Hospital, as well as having worked with my particular OBGYN in the past. After going on an initial consult with them and hearing about their process and extensive birthing background, there was no doubt that they were the doula team we wanted to hire. The two meetings they have you go to leading up to the birth were incredibly helpful. They provided suggestions on vitamins and supplements that could be taken to encourage better maternal health and a faster, less painful labor. They also gave great tips on exercises that could be done to prepare for labor and get the baby into the correct position (as well as tips on how to flip a breech baby, which ours was at one point). For every recommendation they make, they provide the research to back it up, all accessible via their online system that you can log into anytime. I frequently referred to the materials they had posted in my account. Heather was on call the day I went into labor. She was AMAZING. It ended up being a longer labor than I'd hoped for (20+ hours) but without her, it could have gone a completely different direction. Because of her familiarity with the hospital procedures and policies, she was able to get us a room with a birthing pool, and she constantly bugged them to get the pool into the room faster because they were dragging their feet on it. I was in too much pain to advocate for myself much, so I was so glad that she was there to do that for me. (She even was the only person in the room, nurses and doctors included, who even knew how to operate the pump for the pool!) Throughout the labor, she pulled out all the tricks of the trade - essential oils to help bring down my BP at one point, different positions to help the baby descend more quickly, and various other tools to keep me as comfortable as possible throughout the long labor (which I honestly feel would have been even longer without her). She was also in no way intrusive into the ability for my husband to participate. It's almost like she was this little fairy godmother in the background, offering gentle but constant help, guidance, and comfort, but letting him be the main pillar for support. She also has a very calming presence, and a very charming & diplomatic way of dealing with the medical professionals that will be surrounding you during a hospital birth. The only thing I might mention, particularly to anyone who feels they have a high level of anxiety over their pregnancy or needs a lot of attention, is that during the pregnancy there were a few times when I messaged them a question and it took them several days or more to get back to me with a response. Not a problem for me, since none of the requests were urgent, and I am aware they have a large base of active clients (which gives them their experience that we hired them for in the first place!). Again, for us, this was fine, and I feel that their clients who are in labor should rightly take priority over non-urgent questions from their pregnant clients. But for someone who feels like they will need an immediate response or may have a lot of burning questions along the way, their responsiveness might be something you want to ask them about during the initial consult. I will note that when I did start to go into labor, around 1am, I texted their labor line and Heather responded in literally less than a minute. She was out the door as soon as we were on the way to the hospital. So there's absolutely no question that when baby is coming, they're there like white on rice. Thank you Victoria and especially Heather for everything you did for the birth of our little guy! We can't thank you enough."

Eileen R.

"I recently went to a baby shower for a first time mom, and she didn't believe me when I told her I actually enjoyed my childbirth. But it's true, and due in no small part to Victoria, Heather, and 312 Doulas! They provided the perfect level of in-person support as well as knowledge for my husband to support me as I labored at home before they arrived and before going to the hospital. Doula support with 312 Doulas includes two prenatal visits, where Victoria and Heather give you important information such as how to time going to the hospital if your goal is to minimize interventions. They also support mothers who want medicated births, or mothers who need c-sections. One prenatal visit is in your home, and includes hands on instruction for your husband or other labor partner in how to support the early stages of labor. Thanks in part to this instruction, I was so comfortable in labor that I arrived at the hospital already starting to push and had my son about half an hour later. Victoria was on call for my actual labor, and was such a wonderful calm presence. She came to our home, travelled with us to the hospital, and facilitated our quick movement through hospital triage into labor and delivery. My labor was so quick, Victoria also ended up staying with my husband and I for a few hours and providing extra support with breastfeeding. I don't want any more children, but if I did would definitely work with Heather and Victoria again! Highly recommend!"

Claire J.

"312 Doulas are fantastic! We had really wonderful experiences during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum with both Victoria and Heather. The information and resources they provide in addition to their level of support leading up to, during, and after labor is phenomenal. They both bring vast knowledge, openness, and sensitivity to the entire process. They were very helpful with our questions- especially during the 10 days we waited after my due date. Heather was on-call when my water broke and as I chose to labor at home over the next hours, Victoria was then on-call and they transitioned our support smoothly. Victoria provided excellent physical support during my labor and gently guided me in my progression in a way that she understood I would be receptive to. She helped us en route to the hospital and was a fantastic guide. She knew exactly what the hospital staff needed to know about our situation, which made our transition to a labor room very smooth. Her support in the hours following the birth of my son was phenomenal. To me, her suggestions to try different positions throughout my labor were essential for my labor to continue progressing in such a smooth manner. From my husband to all dads-to-be: Being with your partner during labor is an extremely powerful and amazing've got to try it. It's incredible! 312 Doulas provided support and boosted my husbands' confidence throughout the entire process. We HIGHLY recommend 312 Doulas. Meet them. Work with them. They rock!"

R S.

"Heather and Victoria are both kind, caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. Both drove very far to meet with us at our home. We hired them very late in the game, like weeks before the birth of our son. We were very nervous due to his size and the stress in our lives. Talking to the Doulas was extremely beneficial. Heathers' response was almost immediate and when we were confronted with some scary information, she was there very fast. She helped with many things and we also got the placenta encapsulation service. Knowledgeable people and they Really care about their clients"

Natasha S.

"I can't believe it's taken me almost 7 months to write this! I just had to let anyone hemming and hawing over having a doula know that they definitely should! I had 2 previous c sections that were just horrible. I felt lied to and robbed. When my hubby and I found out we were having baby number 3 we knew things would have to be different. Let me just say that finding a provider that was okay with a vbac after 2 sections was VERY hard. We knew we needed a doula. Heather and Victoria have the most calming peaceful auras I have ever encountered. I felt safe with them, I felt like they cared about my birth process as much as we did. They were so well informed and really made sure we were too. They gave us extremely helpful tips to make things go smooth. When I went into labor, Heather was the one that met us at the hospital. When I got out of the car I had a contraction and she immediately was in doula mode..right there in the lobby. She never left my side and my husband said when something I did freaked him out the calm look on her face reassured him. I had my eyes closed most of the time but I'll never forget her beautiful voice guiding me and reminding me that all was well. After less than an hour of pushing I had a successful vba2c! She stayed with us for about an hour then she left. During our home visit she told me something that has recently helped me with our baby. It's so nice to think about my birth with such joy and peace. We really owe that to them. We will not and cannot ever forget theses two amazing women. Doesn't them. You won't regret it!"

Abby P.

"My husband and I met with Heather and Victoria in our home. We had a few doulas set up to interview but they were the first. I was excited to meet them because our midwife/ob group seemed to highly recommend them. The moment I met them I knew we were going to work with them. They were smart, funny, compassionate and kind. I felt like they were really listening and they both seemed so confident and knowledgeable about birth. We decided to hire them so I'll let you know how the experience goes. So I am now 2 weeks postpartum and I thought I'd share some of how it went. I was attempting a vba2c (vaginal birth after 2 c sections). It's hard to find providers that will allow you to try after one section let alone two so we really had to fight for it. The visits we had with Heather and Victoria prior to going into labor really helped prepare my husband and I for what was to come. They have tricks and tools that help you during your pregnancy and labor. I went into labor and Heather was on call that night. She meet us at the hospital and stayed with us even after the baby was born. Not only did I have a successful vba2c, I pushed for less than an hour. I arrived at the hospital around 10pm and had my baby girl at 3:30am! All thanks to the tools that they gave us. My husband said Heather being there was a great help to him and kept him calm. She knew exactly what I needed without me having to say a word. She came to visit me at home a couple of weeks later and gave me even more tips. If we ever have a fourth child I will call them before anyone else! "

Abby P Baby #1

"Heather & Victoria are the doula's you need! I have been working with Victoria since welcoming my first in 2014, but at that time I opted only for placenta encapsulation (if you're interested in this they do it the best). BIG MISTAKE not using a doula with DS1. For my second I was not about to let history repeat itself so I hired Victoria again and it seriously made all the difference in the world in the labor room. The fact is that the hospital staff do not care about you on a personal level. They care about your vitals, the bed and how long you're in it, and liability. Victoria and Heather are there for you and they are your #1 advocate during birth, something you might argue can be done by your spouse or significant other, but don't be fooled. In a state of intense labor and high emotions our loved ones can be nervous and overwhelmed. Enter the doula. For me having a doula present at birth was invaluable. I remember the doula coaching me through the tough contractions, helping me stick to my birth plan as best she could, bringing me an ice pack to cool down, and just overall being on my side. With my first born I felt lost to the system. The second time around I knew no one was going to push me around because my doula was there as a trusted voice looking out for my best interest and the best possible birth outcome. These two ladies are well educated, gentle in their approach and trustworthy. I'm now pregnant with my 3rd and I'm very much looking forward to having them by my side again. You will feel safe, protected and guided with Heather and Victoria. I firmly believe that every pregnant woman can benefit from a doula and with Heather and Victoria you truly have the best of the best."

Lara B.

"Heather and Victoria helped my wife and I have the most enjoyable birth as possible... not just something to get through or over with. Their calm demeanor kept us calm and they gave us some really great advice and information that wasn't overwhelming. We delivered a healthy baby girl... priceless."

Michael M.

"Heather & Victoria are awesome!! We interviewed a number of doulas (and I reccomend you do so you get a feel for differences and what fits with you best) and what stood out for us was the unmatched experience as well as training and education they had in this field. Their experience and knowledge is unique and they do a great job of sharing it with their clients in easy bite sized ways. They are focused on evidence based information which combined with their experience really helps parents navigate and prepare. We appreciated their help and guidance during pregnancy. Heather attended our birth and seemed to know just how to help exactly when I needed it. She was the perfect balance of hands on but also letting me have space. She was such an important team member for our birth!"

Claire J.

"Wondering where to start about these amazing ladies, so full of positive energy. I ended up a emergency C section with my first one due to failure to descend after almost 3.5 hrs of pushing. I was attempting a VBAC with my second one and had 312 Doulas with me. Both Heather and Victoria are a powerhouse of Knowledge on childbirth.They are exactly like what you need when you want a natural drug free birth and I can't say enough positive things about them. Victoria was at my VBAC birth on 04/04 and if it was not her, I bet I would have ended up with another C section and there is no doubt about this. My labor was very quick and when it came to pushing the real struggle started. I gave up several times and asked for epidural/C Section, but Victoria didn't. She had unlimited patience and constantly reminded me that I can do it and she led me through it. I want to say again that, if it was not her, I would have ended up with another C section. I will CHERISH this experience all my life and Thank you Victoria for that. Lots of love and hugs to you wonderful ladies!!!!"


"Heather (& Victoria) are truly amazing resources and were the final piece to make my birthing experience complete. My 'team' consisted of my husband, West Suburban Midwives and 312 Doulas! They both met with me as time got closer to my due date and they took the time to not only go over my birth plan but also educate me as well. Heather has a beautiful aura and her energy is always so calm and blissful (which is very welcoming when having contractions and transitioning from home to the hospital ) They make a great team and seemlessly swapped shifts during my birth experience. Victoria was there wth me through the end and helped me make the best decisions along the way. This duo is amazing and I recommend hiring a doula regardless of your birth plan. They were a huge help to my husband as well, providing breaks for him. Thank you Heather & Victoria"

Jesi V.

"Working with Heather and Victoria before and during my birth was an incredible experience. They are so supportive, encouraging and know exactly what you need when you need it (intuitive). They were always there to answer my questions and support me through all of the new decisions around my birth. Heather was at my birth and I'm so grateful that we had her as a knowledgeable and wise source of insight during labor for myself and my husband. She knew when it was time for me to push, helped my husband know how to support me, and encouraged me to use my contractions in the last 30 minutes of pushing. Having her there with me made my birthing the most incredible experience and better than I could have imagined. I'm pretty sure that her encouragement was what helped me to push for only an hour as well. I'm forever grateful!"

Ariel F.

"This is way overdue...6 months to be exact! I was first introduced to Heather and Victoria by my friend Christine who said she couldn't have done natural birth without them and how helpful they were for her husband too. She then told me she was using them again for her second and so my husband and I decided to meet them. From the start I was not opposed to an epidural and really just wanted a doula for their knowledge of births and I was not at all head strong on having a natural birth. From the first meeting my husband and I were on board. Although, I was a bit hesitant on the cost it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! I was amazed at their knowledge and experience. We decided to do the hypnobabies class with Heather and we were again given so much information about pregnancy and labor that I told my husband how do women give birth without knowing all of this?! We joked that we were on the hypnobabies fast track because our due date only allowed for us to take 3 of the 6 classes. While I was skeptical of the idea we ended up really using some of what we learned during my labor. We were both happy that we took the classes. Heather and Victoria are there to make YOUR birth story happen and not their ideal one. So, if you want an epidural or a c-section they will be with you through it all and especially if the birth immediately changes into a c-section which happened to another girl in our class. She said she was so thankful to have Heather there to explain what was happening and what they would do in the OR, etc. She made a chaotic, scary, emotional time much more calm and manageable for her and her family. Without me even realizing it (I'm not sure at what point) my thoughts turned into wanting a natural birth. I think it was all of the information that we learned and that the baby will come when she's ready! Heather and Victoria research/study, go to conferences, and have so much hands on experience. AND, most importantly they use evidence based practice which sadly not many doctors/hospitals have integrated into their own practice. By no means are they against physicians though (I had a physician). SO, all this to say that I so very highly recommend Heather and Victoria. Going into labor I was not worried at all because they are pros and have done this literally hundreds and hundreds of times! Heather was the doula on call the night and went into labor and she was texting and talking to my husband throughout the day and told us whenever we wanted she would come over to our place. My labor and delivery went very well and it was so great having Heather there as she walked us through what the nurses and doctor were doing (more thoroughly than they would have done). She was encouraging and reassuring and made sure my husband was doing (and saying) the right things. She stayed with us two hours after delivery and made sure our baby girl latched on well for her very first nursing. It was all so amazing and wonderful and I ended up having a natural birth! I can not express how amazing Heather and Victoria are and how very highly I recommend having them be a part of your birth story as they call it. We will definitely have them be a part of any additional birth stories we may have in the future. Again, the knowledge and experience is so worth having and the cost is worth every penny and more! Thank you both so much! Heather, you are forever a part of the special story of Ellie."

Jennifer K.

"I met Heather in prenatal yoga teacher training and found myself hanging on her every word during group discussions. Her passion for the care of women through midwifery and as a doula is only matched by her knowledge in these disciplines. She and Victoria were always available for our questions, concerns, and overall emotional support as we traversed my first pregnancy. As my husband has said multiple times, "Heather was the best part of our day" when it came to laboring. She was constantly by our side, offering suggestions and support throughout what started as an easy labor and eventually turned into something requiring interventions. She has an air of confidence and calm that simply radiates from her and having that in the labor room was crucial for us. I would highly recommend Heather not only as a doula but as a labor and delivery educator as well. It was such an important time in my life and I can't imagine having anyone else by my side."

Lindsey E.

"I used 312 Doulas for our first pregnancy/delivery in February. I cannot explain what an impact they had on our journey. So professional and so knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone interested in using a doula. Not only are they an amazing support system for the mother, but also the father. My husband and myself could not have gotten through our natural childbirth without them. We will definitely be using them in the future. Thank you Victoria and Heather!"

Andrea K.

"We used Victoria (Heather and Victoria work together at 312 Doula's) for the births of both our children and couldn't speak more highly of her. Victoria has an incredible depth of knowledge about childbirth. She helps you navigate how to successfully have the type of birth you want by equipping you with the questions to ask your doctor, possible problems that may arise and how to deal with them, and wonderful pain management tools. She is so kind, warm and encouraging. I wish every woman who has a child could have Victoria by her side! For our first birth I knew I wanted to do it unmedicated but I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it. To top it off, I had blood pressure issues, which put me at high risk, so using a midwife or going to a birthing center was out of the question. I would be with my OBGYN delivering at Prentice and I would very likely be induced at 39 weeks. I was wavering in my confidence that I could get through an induction without an epidural. Victoria helped both my husband and I navigate our options with the induction. During labor she was fantastic. She helped me with breathing and encouraged me to try many different positions and places (bed, ball, shower) to manage the pain. I think she was as much of a help to my husband, who she was able to keep calm and reassure him that everything was progressing the way it should. Our daughter was born healthy and I felt so incredibly proud that I was able to do it the way I wanted, even with the induction. For our second child there was no question as to if we would hire Victoria again. This time I went into labor naturally and since I hadn't experienced natural early labor before it was really wonderful having Victoria there to text and call in the days and hours leading up to the delivery. Having someone to talk to that has been through this hundreds of times is so helpful because inevitably you have a million questions (am I actually in labor, what can I do to try to relax, how long should we wait to go to the hospital?). Victoria had all the answers. Once at the hospital the baby came fast and furious. Victoria was coaching me every step of the way and I was so thrilled to have the completely natural birth experience I had wanted with our first child. If you are on the fence, jump over it, and hire Victoria as soon as you can!"

Livia M.

"I found Heather through the Gentle Birth Care website. My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with them, so I knew that if she had worked there and was on their website, Heather must be someone special. I originally did research on classes to take and knew that Hypnobabies was right for us as it seemed so positive. We took the 6-week Hypnobabies class with Heather and felt educated and empowered by all of the incredibly useful and important information she provided in the class. Additionally, it gave me a sense that I would have a mental and somewhat spiritual plan on our birthing day. It mentally prepared me in a positive way that I cannot recommend enough. All of the fear that has been fed to us over our lifetime melted away with Heather's soothing voice reading us weekly Hypnobabies scripts! It also made me feel a great connection with my husband who attended all the classes with me and listened to the super relaxing meditative tracks with me every night. We loved that she was also an evidence-based birth instructor and have since used many of the resources she provided to have informed discussions with friends and family. We had already decided home birth was right for us and the class cemented that decision further. Although everyone else in the class was giving birth in a hospital setting, Heather did a great job presenting the information for all situations without making anyone feel judged by their choice. Although, I will say it made me feel like home birth was the best decision based on what she did have to say. Have a home birth folks you'll love it ;) We had originally hired other Doulas - who had very nice doulas but were nowhere near as experienced as Heather and Victoria. After the 6 week class at my 36 weeks of pregnancy, I had a come to Jesus moment and my baby insisted that I have Heather at my birth instead of the doulas we originally hired. Unfortunately, the other Doulas was absolutely terrible to work with on this (that's another review) and we ended up double paying for a doula. Point being, we felt very strongly about having Heather at the birth. And I was so happy on our birthing day that she was there - it was totally worth it and I figured a once in a lifetime thing I better get right. I text her that morning about my water leaking and sent her a text about bloody show. From there on out she communicated with my husband and showed up when I needed her. Upon her arrival, she coached me on breathing, sounds to make instead of hyperventilating, different positions, and let me squeeze her small strong hands through each wave. Her calming and familiar voice was a constant comfort to both me and my husband. She also made sure that my husband was able to catch our son during the water birth. She stayed afterward to help me start breastfeeding and came back to our house a few days later with my placenta pills and belly binding. She also spent time reminiscing about our birth story which was wonderful. We can't thank her enough for the support, care, and beautiful birthing experience she helped us create in our home 1.8.17. Take her class, hire her as your doula - you will have the birth you've been dreaming of! Thanks Heather - keep up the great work!"

Danielle F.

"Heather & Victoria are fantastic! They have a clear passion for what they do. My wife and I took Heather's Hypnobabies birthing classes leading up to the birth of our son, and Heather was present as a Doula at the home birth. She was incredibly helpful and comforting during the entire birthing process and also provided excellent post-birth support services for my wife. I would strongly recommend Heather and 312 Doulas to anyone in the market for childbirth services!"

Patrick F.

"I had interviewed 5 doulas before choosing 312 Doulas. Heather and Victoria assisted me with my pregnancy and labor/delivery and I am so incredibly grateful for their help. They are the best of the best and a wealth of knowledge and experience with everything having to do with a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Heather was the doula on call for my delivery. I believe she was key in having the natural childbirth experience I so wanted. I am incredibly grateful for being lucky enough to have them. If you are in the market for a doula don't look any further, they are truly the best."

Michelle P.

"Heather and Victoria were wonderful to navigate the birthing process with as a first time mom. My husband and I are the only ones in our family to live in IL. Therefore, we wanted an external party to help support us through our first labor and delivery. The knowledge they shared pre and post delivery, along with the Hypnobabies training we received and the placenta encapsulation somewhat made them the one stop shop for all our knowledge needs. Due to baby's very low heart tones, my delivery wasn't how I mentally planned in my mind. However, Heather guided us through laboring at the hospital (she was able to decipher the monitors and explain them to me in layman's terms), and supporting my husband in allowing him some brief moments of sleep and allowing him to grab some food while she stayed with me as well. Highly education based group, and worth every level of investment in my book."

Cassi T.

"I can confidently say that WAY more women in this country would have natural unmedicated births if they only had a Heather in their life. Heather empowers women to take control of their birth experience by giving them (evidence based!) knowledge and confidence. Trust me- I knew I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth but I can't say I fully believed in my ability to do it. I ended up having an amazing natural birth, an experience unlike anything I could've imagined. I believe the difference between making it med-free till the end and not, was having Heather there. She is so warm, receptive, and calming- it's like you've known her for years, even after you just meet her. Definitely a quality you want in someone who's with you during your laboring self! I started working with Heather late into my pregnancy and wasn't able to attend her childbirth education class but I still gained so many benefits! Heather spent a good deal of time answering my questions, covering a wealth of info during our prenatal, and she was so readily available to respond to texts and calls at any hour even before labor. It's such a blessing to know Heather and I definitely can't have baby number two without her."

Tarana A.

"Heather and Victoria were a huge source of knowledge, guidance, reassurance, and support throughout my pregnancy and labor & delivery. They are two of the most experienced and well educated women on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care in the Chicagoland area, which is why I chose to have them as my right-hand ladies for the amazing but overwhelming process of having a baby! As nature would have it, nothing went to plan during L & D for me, but Heather made sure that I was in control of all the decisions made, and kept me upbeat and positive throughout. It came down to big decisions that I never thought I would have to make; first an epidural and then a C-section. Heather was there with honest advice, and I knew that she seriously took into account my wish for a natural birth but had the experience and grace to help me move away from the plan and do what felt right for both my body and baby. I can't imagine making those choices without her by my side, and her reassurance helped me afterwards in coming to terms with how my birth story unfolded. When it comes to having a baby, not much can be predicted, planned, or controlled, which is why I strongly recommend having someone with a tremendous amount of hands on experience to draw from. In the heat of it all, you want a woman beside you who has seen it every way a hundred times, and those kinds of doulas are hard to come by! I would recommend Heather and Victoria as doulas and Hypnobabies teachers to everyone I know having a baby!"

Chole N.

"Heather provided exceptional pre-natal and labor support for the birth of our first child, as well as placenta encapsulation. She is warm, responsive, and experienced. I had an unmedicated birth using Hypnobabies and she helped keep me focused and confident throughout. Heather also provided excellent support to my husband, who later commented that he would never want to go through a birth without her. After the birth, my midwife asked for Heather's business card and described her as the best doula she'd ever worked with. I recently recommended Heather to a close friend, who used her and also had a wonderful birth experience. We are a few months away from birthing baby number two and are thrilled that Heather will be with us again. We can't recommend her enough!"

Indigo W.
"After the birth, my midwife asked for Heather's business card and described her as the best doula she'd ever worked with."

"I hired Heather for my last birth since I wanted to be supported and spoken for in a hospital setting. My husband and I felt this last birth was by far the best. My husband felt included in the birth for the first time. Heather having delivered babies as a midwife before moving to Chicago I knew would be a very experienced choice. And, I was so right! She was amazing in coaching me through contractions, negotiating on my behalf with the doctor, and caring for my husband and I. She was always on hand to answer any questions I had while I was pregnant. I had a relatively pain free (unmedicated) delivery, and Heather has so much to do with it. Thanks Heather for helping our family have the best birth experience ever and a vbac at that!"

Carm P.
VBAC: "My husband felt included in the birth for the first time"

"We used Heather as our Hypnobabies classes instructor and we couldn't have been happier. I can't say enough good things about Heather and her service. She is extremely knowledgeable, she is warm, and she made three hour classes fly by. Although Hypnobabies has a set curriculum, Heather tailored it to our class's needs and questions. It was active, as we got to practice during each session and it was fun! Heather always had plenty of snacks and her office space couldn't be more inviting and comfortable. When it came time for my son's birth, it started out exactly the opposite of what I planned: I was induced. However, looking back at my labor and delivery, I couldn't be happier that I did Hypnobabies with Heather. We were so much better informed because of Hypnobabies. When we decided to agree to getting induced we knew we had asked all our questions and reviewed all our options. When I was in active labor I listened to my hypnobabies tracks on my ear buds and my husband did the relax que on my arm. I kept thinking the pressure waves would have to get worse at some point... they never did. I was able to deliver my son naturally with no drugs. Without Heather's Hypnobabies classes we wouldn't have felt as secure in our decision making or as educated in the entire process. Thank you Heather, we couldn't be happier!!!"

Adrienne N.
Hypnobabies: "I couldn't be happier that I did Hypnobabies with Heather."

"I simply cannot say enough positive things about my experience with having Heather as my doula. Not a day has gone by since the birth when I am not grateful for all the support she provided. I was very worried about labor and delivery when I found out that my husband would likely be working out of town. With Heather's help we prepared for various situations and she completely supported all the decisions we made. Because of her I was able to labor at home, with Heather coming to lend a hand in the middle of the night. She stayed with us through a day and half of labor, guiding us through all stages. Without her help I surely would have had more interventions and significantly more stress. What Heather brings is a true sense of professionalism. In my 40 weeks of pregnancy, I found no doctor, nurse or midwife to be as well informed as Heather on all matters of pregnancy, birth and infancy, She could quote research and information on any issue that arose, but always left our decisions open to our discretion. Heather is a true gift for pregnant women and their families."

Sarah G.
"In my 40 weeks of pregnancy, I found no doctor, nurse or midwife to be as well informed as Heather on all matters of pregnancy, birth and infancy"

"I had a great experience with Heather and would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in a doula. Prior to meeting Heather I really didn't know much about labor and delivery and my options. After hiring her, we had 2 prenatal appointments. She did a great job of educating my husband and I and laying out our various options for our birth plan. She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy and labor and delivery and has a lot of delivery experience. I really appreciated having her with us for labor and delivery. My labor progressed fast and I was unable to get an epidural until 8cm dilated 90% effaced. The pain was intense and she helped coach my husband and I through it. During the pushing phase, I was having difficulty getting my son out because of the shape of my pelvic bone. Heather was very helpful in suggesting different positions to try. After my son was born so made sure that he latched prior to leaving. He took to breastfeeding right away and I attribute it to latching minutes after birth (something I would have forgotten to try in the moment!)."

Bridget W.
"During the pushing phase, I was having difficulty getting my son out because of the shape of my pelvic bone. Heather was very helpful in suggesting different positions to try."

"Expecting moms: whether you are looking to have a home birth, natural birth or one in a hospital with an epidural (like me!), do not hesitate... HIRE HEATHER TO BE YOUR DOULA. Heather was not only my doula last month, but a guardian angel for my husband, baby and I. Even now as I sit here to write this review, I am starting to well up with tears, as I recall the intense emotions I felt during my difficult labor and childbirth, and how much Heather was there for our family. During the arduous FOUR days and nights of contractions that I experienced at home, Heather made herself available via phone and text message to me at ALL hours, for four days straight. Even at 4am she would respond within 5 minutes of my text! She not only saved us a trip or two to the hospital, but she came over to help me at home with exercises and examine me. Once we finally got to the hospital to be induced, I ended up needing an intense forceps delivery. She was not judgmental of me wanting an epidural and encouraged me to make decisions that I was most comfortable with. Heather was there for us at every step of the way. She is more knowledgable about birth than an OBGYN (she is also a midwife and has delivered tons of babies in the past) and having her by my side as I pushed, watching the monitors, communicating with the nurses and doctors, and comforting us, was priceless. Now I have a happy and healthy baby girl and although it was a difficult experience medically, Heather provided us with the comfort we needed to make it a beautiful experience, emotionally."

Lindsay S.
"Heather was not only my doula last month, but a guardian angel for my husband, baby and I."

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