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1st Time Families with 312Doulas

birth thrives when birthing people feel loved, connected & respected by those supporting them. We facilitate oxytocin + endorphins by creating deep relationships with our clients during our childbirth workshops.

BIRTH DOULA SUPPORT + private prenatal + CHOOSE YOUR COURSE (valued at $500)

+ all clients have a private prenatal, birth support & a postpartum visit +

both 2nd Time (or more!) OR 1st Time Families: ALL-IN Support

all of these BONUSES for YOU, your choice in workshops + the 312Doulas Secret 🤫 for your faster, easier birth

3 hour Spinning Babies® Workshops & Private Turn-That-Breech

Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful, and even pleasurable!

Once a month we hold a Spinning Babies workshop, & we also do PRIVATE BREECH Workshops.


One of our passions & areas of expertise is helping families plan for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. In this 4-hour workshop, we review the RESEARCH & SAFETY of VBAC. We also walk through refresher childbirth. MOST IMPORTANTLY, everyone will leave with powerful tricks to GET.BABIES.OUT & ways to make birth easier.

Postpartum Doula Support

Our carefully vetted, trained and professional doulas gently attune to your family's unique needs, maintain privacy, support your recovery, enhance your family's transition and are happy to help in any way. We offer flexible short-term and long-term contracts to meet your needs.

Our postpartum doulas are extra in-home (or in-hospital) assistance with caring hands, provide breastfeeding & bottle-feeding support and education, offer newborn care instruction, experts in newborn soothing and nursery management, teach babywearing, perform light household tasks, offer relief from the isolation of new parenting, support parents in getting more sleep and are infant CPR trained.

Let's get you some sleep!

"For anyone that is thinking of partnering with a doula for their birth should look no further that 312Doulas. Heather and Victoria are extremely knowledgeable, passionate, thoughtful and caring"

Ron Chin

"What a wonderful pair! I often say I wish they were my life doulas. They are so knowledgeable, kind and supportive. I don't know how they can even carry all of the tools they have for labor support. You will not be sorry to work with these women!"

Gaye Koconis, CNM
Midwife Testimonial!

"We wanted to try for a VBAC and wanted to find the best team to help us with this goal. We believe we ended up with the birth we wanted based on these factors. Heather was with us during labor and she was a constant support throughout. She encouraged me to try different positions and talked me through decisions that needed to be made in a calm manner. We are so thankful to have found Heather and Victoria and would highly recommend working with them to anyone looking for a strong doula team!"

Meg H.

"I knew I needed Heather after I took her VBAC class - I told my husband that she was a game changer. Everyone else I talked to said similar things. The head L&D nurse at our hospital called her "magic", and the midwives I talked to said "She is the gold standard. I feel bad when my patients use anyone else, because I know that she's the best.""

Katie Schneider Chambers

"I had interviewed 5 doulas before choosing 312 Doulas. Heather and Victoria assisted me with my pregnancy and labor/delivery and I am so incredibly grateful for their help. They are the best of the best and a wealth of knowledge and experience with everything having to do with a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. "


"Heather & Victoria were just AMAZING through out my pregnancy. Heather was on call for the birth of my daughter & really helped me get through it. There was a few scary minutes when my daughter was a little stuck & Heather knew exactly what to do. I give all the credit to her for making me change positions, telling me where to put my hands, my foot & just taking over. My daughter was born 3 pushes later. If I didn't have Heather, I think it could have been a totally different outcome."

Lauren Schuh

"My family and I had an excellent experience with Victoria and 312doulas. We got a recomendation from a friend to use a doula (and specifically 312Doulas) for our first pregnancy/delivery and I am so glad we took their advice. From the first call with Victoria, I impressed with their deep expertise on the end to end process - from the pregnancy, delivery, the hospital experience and resources. It was AMAZING to always have someone to text or call and ask all of my questions to. I felt very cared for during the whole experience. Their online portal and resources were also incredible and I accessed them daily."

Brandi Bridges

"Let me begin by saying I will never have a baby without heather or Victoria as part of my team. I decided to hire a doula for the birth of my first daughter in 2016 and Heather‘s reputation (as best in the business) certainly preceded her. I fell in love with both heather and victoria during the prenatal visits and from there decided to enroll in Hypnobabies; this was taught by heather and my husband And I learned so much! After the most amazing birth of our first daughter, Ruby, with Heather by our side we knew we would work with 312 doulas again."

Kathryn Borzych

"Victoria and Heather are incredible. I highly recommend 312 doulas to anyone looking for knowledgeable, compassionate birth support. They worked with me throughout my 42 week pregnancy and natural birth and I honestly can't imagine what it would have been like without their support. They will always be a part of my son's birth story and I am so grateful!"

Megan Mellee

"312 Doulas - this is the laboring team that provides the knowledge, love, and support YOU NEED when you are in labor (before and after too). These ladies are well known and each nurse told me they learned a thing or two from Heather and Victoria! I felt like I had the right support with me which was crucial for my VBAC. I owe it all to Heather and Victoria for my successful VBAC! Between the two of them, they had 3 shift changes. Victoria came over when my husband and I felt hopeless. Victoria patiently guided us through every single contraction. We knew it was crucial to labor at home as long as we could in order to have a better chance at a VBAC. I love how safe, comfortable, and confident they both made me feel. My labor was extremely long, but when we got to the hospital I was at 7cm. The next day, I had to get induced for augmentation and Heather was able to get me through the strong contractions without an epidural. It was my daughter’s stubborn little head that was positioned in a way that made it extremely difficult to progress and I was stuck at 9 cm. We all worked extremely hard doing all these labor positions to open my hips and get her head in an optimal position. Victoria came back the third day (she was there for the actual birth) and was able to comfort me through all my anxieties. We had to stop Pitocin due to HR decels and Victoria knew exactly what to do. Once we had the green light to push, we were laughing and cracking jokes as Victoria assisted me in flipping through several positions I never imagined would be possible with an epidural. I loved everything about this birth thanks to 312 Doulas. Even the hard and tiring moments were great because of Heather and Victoria. I am SO grateful and lucky to have them there with me. I tell all my friends and family - YOU NEED A DOULA (especially all the VBAC mamas!) and if you decide to hire a doula, hire 312 Doulas... they are simply the BEST!"

Natalie Ostrega DeGirolamo
1.2.2020 VBAC

"We had the best experience with Heather and Victoria as our doulas. We would not have had such a positive birth experience if it weren’t for the two of them. Our pre-natal meetings were filled with valuable information, advice, and encouragement. We left every appointment feeling so excited for our birthing time. They were always available to answer our questions and provided wonderful resources through the maternity neighborhood site. My only regret is that we didn’t begin working with them sooner to take full advantage of these great resources. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to hire a doula was to support my husband. Both Heather and Victoria were great about encouraging him, praising the ways he was supporting baby and myself, and making sure he was part of the conversation. When our birthing time began he was prepared, confident, and excited to meet our baby. He says that because he was well prepared there wasn’t room for fear. I love how Heather honored his birthing time as a father. Preparing for our baby’s arrival together was a gift for our marriage! Our labor was quick and intense. We called Heather to ask about what we thought were Braxton Hicks contractions. She coached me through a few birthing waves on the phone and then positively responded with “I’m so happy for you. You made it to baby day.” Until this point I didn’t believe I was in labor. She rushed to the hospital to meet us and was at the front doors when we arrived. We found out in triage that I was fully dilated and baby was stressed. Heather made sure we got into one of the alternative birthing rooms which was wonderful because it’s where we planned to have our baby. She was so calm and because of her encouragement and positivity, my husband was too. Despite the stress of so many people in the room and baby’s less than ideal heart rate Heather, my husband, and our midwife stayed calm and reassured me that our baby would be okay. Their positive affirmations were so helpful. Our daughter was born shortly after our arrival to the hospital and there was so much joy in the room. Heather stayed with us to make sure baby latched, that I had something to eat, and that we were ready to snuggle in for the evening. She also made sure that we talked about everything that had just happened which was really important to me since I was in shock that our baby was already here. I am so grateful to Heather and Victoria for their passion for women and their partners. They perform their work with great love and for this we are so grateful."

Abbie Hubert

"Victoria and Heather are amazing! And supportive and so knowledgable. I truly don't know how I would have gotten through my birth without them. They eased my anxieties, validated my concerns, and helped me find my power to get through my natural birth with 5 hours of pushing. I can't thank them enough!"

Sarah Boysen Edwards

"No words can begin to express how grateful I am for the 312 Doulas! With their guidance and support I was able to have the birth story of my dreams!! It is possible! Pregnant with my first child, I knew that I wanted a natural birth with no epidural and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed guidance and support and Victoria & Heather went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I was open to any outcome during the birth (I knew I ultimately was not in control) but I wanted to know that I was putting my best foot forward. Heather & Victoria were always there for me whenever I had any questions and always put my mind at ease. Victoria was right by my side on game day and she guided me with through every contraction. I remember looking at her at one point and asking her if there was any way we could speed up the process. She told me there were a few things we could try and guess what, they all worked! 6 total hours of active labor and 4 pushes later my beautiful baby boy was born. Do yourself a favor and hire the 312 Doulas! My husband and I cannot thank these wonderful women enough! They were a BIG part of why I was able to have an unmedicated birth. We love you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Victoria Kay

"We were so excited to hire Heather & Victoria as our doulas for our first pregnancy/birth based on their deep expertise, many years of experience, and the personal connection we felt when speaking with them. We felt safe and secure in their care from the moment we interviewed them all the way through the home visit post-partum. They provided great education through our pregnancy to help me prepare and reach my goal of having an unmedicated and active birth that was everything they promised - confident and joyful. Victoria attended my little guy’s birth at the hospital and with her essential oils, squat chair, warm compress, guidance through different positions, and encouragement, I was as comfortable through the contractions as I could be! It was especially helpful to have her focus on my physical comfort so much husband could focus on my emotions. The two of them working together to help me was incredible. I would hire Heather & Victoria again, no doubt, and would love to be a reference for anyone looking for further details on their services. Thank you Heather & Victoria!!!"

Kelli Allen

"312 Doulas services was my best prenatal investment! Both Victoria and Heather were so nurturing and supportive. I learned a ton of valuable information in their Hypnobaby class. During the birthing of my baby, Heather was my saving grace! I don’t know how I would’ve survived my baby’s childbirth if I didn’t have Heather’s mentorship. Truly today I reflect on my baby’s birth experience in such a positive light because I had Heather’s guidance alongside me."

Biana Mavasheva

"What an amazing experience with Heather and Victoria. From the day we met heather to the day Victoria helped in the wonderful birth of our baby, they were nothing short of amazing! Their knowledge makes you feel fully supported and safe. We could not have had a better birth story without them!"

Toni Hannemann

"Heather attended both of my births. we couldn't imagine having done it without her! Victoria is lovely as well. Don't hesitate to book them!"

Michelle Robbins Cicirello

"Yesterday we had the joy of welcoming our daughter Hadley into our family. And for the second time, the 312 team walked along side us throughout our journey. Whether it was answering questions about muscle cramp relief, helping us come up with a plan for a baby that was again breech at 39 weeks or giving us the tools we needed for to have the kind of birth we wanted, they were amazing partners. I most appreciated that they gave me the confidence to trust my instincts, my body and my baby. They helped me feel powerful and well supported, and I loved all of the evidence-based information they shared so we could make the best decisions for our family. They are a wealth of insights, all delivered with kindness and compassion, and without judgement for a family’s choice. It all culminated in a beautiful, intense and magical birth experience, without any interventions — Heather was with us for labor and delivery, bringing her calm, supportive energy into the room and helping both me and my husband keep moving forward toward the outcome we wanted. It was her “let’s get up and move” (nooooo was my screamed answer, but she persisted) that absolutely shifted things and immediately resulted in major progress and my beautiful daughter screaming on my chest 10 minutes later. These two amazing women will forever be a part of our (very different but equally amazing) birth stories and they are incredibly talented at what they do. We feel so lucky to have had them with us for both of our pregnancies and could not recommend them more highly."

Caroline Vasquez

"I had the pleasure of having both Heather and Victoria at my 45 hour labor. I am not sure that I could have done it without them. They gave me strength when I thought I had none left. They stayed calm when things got tough. And most of all I felt an incredible amount of love throughout the whole process."

LIz Morelli

"I had Heather with me for both the birth of my daughter in February 2016, and just now in July of 2018. The births could not have been different from one another, but a constant in both experiences was Heather. Her calm and knowledgeable presence made a huge difference in my experience. This last time, I firmly believe had I been left with the nurse from the hospital I may not have had the outcome I was hoping for. Heather's experience, reminders throughout my labor about breathing, changing position, etc., encouragement, and cheerleading allowed me to feel empowered to make decisions, and to have the unmedicated VBAC I was hoping for. I highly recommend the use of a 312 Doulas at your birth. Should I ever have any more children, I know that I would use them yet again."

Kathryn Swanson

"Amazing experience with my second birth! I can’t recommend them highly enough. Everyone going through labor deserves this kind of support. Having had experience both as a birth doula myself and having Doulas at both of my children’s births, I have a lot of experiences to compare them too. It was a peaceful, joyful and empowering experience."

Brittlyn Riley-Meade

"I knew I needed Heather after I took her VBAC class - I told my husband that she was a game changer. Everyone else I talked to said similar things. The head L&D nurse at our hospital called her "magic", and the midwives I talked to said "She is the gold standard. I feel bad when my patients use anyone else, because I know that she's the best." She is all of that - game changer, magic, the gold standard. I am telling all my friends that they HAVE TO have Heather and Victoria help with their births. After 2 C-sections, I would not have been allowed to, able to, or believed I could, deliver Grace naturally unless she and her partner had pulled two all-nighters and stayed with me at the hospital for 39 hours. Heather pushed on my hips for 2 minutes out of every 3 minutes for 5 hours, and made it possible for me to have an unmedicated natural birth. (Husbands, you need a doula; you won't last under those conditions!) I am so glad I signed up with them a full 28 hours before I went into labor!! (Seriously. They were a last minute find, right on time!) I'm so grateful for the birth team God gave us, and the wonderful experience it was!! Everyone told me I couldn't have a natural birth after 2 c sections and they came along with the data, the tools, and the encouragement to change the game for me."

Katie Schneider Chambers

"As a husband I felt like I had very little power to help with a birth. So much was out of my control and scope of knowledge and I wasn't sure how to best support my wife. Heather and Victoria helped change that. They are both extremely intelligent and educated. They are masters of their craft and immediately put me at ease. They were able to educate me on the birthing process: do's and dont's, alternative approaches and so much more that helped prepare me for that day (or in our case, days). Labor and delivery is an intimate experience and I felt completely comfortable and confident sharing it with them. I can say from experience now that this is absolutely critical when you are in the middle of labor and delivery. They both took care of me in a way that allowed be to be decisive and supportive even after two days of labor. I distinctly remember the scented oil towel Heather put under my nose as I was 5 hours into laying in a tub with my wife helping her labor and the coffee Victoria brought me 48 hours into the labor process. Those small gestures make such a big difference. Most powerfully though, I remember the reassurance and guidance they provided when our labor took turns from the expected. Having someone I trusted to talk through things with was invaluable. These ladies are worth their weight in gold. I highly recommend them to any husband or partner. If you are wondering whether a doula is worth the investment, I can tell you, these particular doula's are and then some."

Mandeep Albertson
Partner's viewpoint!

"312 Doulas enabled and supported my husband and I to have a VBAC. Our first birth ended up being an emergency c-section and they were so supportive of that birth as well but fatal distress continued during that birth. We were nervous to try for the VBAC but felt more comfortable with Victoria and Heather guiding and supporting us. I would highly recommend them and plan to go with them for our 3rd (if that ever happens)!"

Katilin Sobeck-Kim

"From the Mom: I can't imagine having gone through my labor and delivery without Heather and Victoria. We interviewed several Doulas and felt an immediate connection with both of them. They are warm and kind but most importantly, they are both wickedly smart. We knew very quickly that we were working with experts. They were there for any questions I had about everything from medical procedures to essential oils to postpartum belly wraps. The evening I went into labor, Victoria came to our house. I felt so much more at ease when she arrived. Her experience and her steady calm gave me tremendous confidence. We labored through the night and Victoria rode in the back seat with me for the 30 min 5AM drive to the hospital. I couldn't have done that without her - not to mention she politely directed my husband to the proper route after a wrong turn. We'd driven that route many times, but in those moments, even things you think you know for sure are called into question. A few hours later when Heather arrived to relieve Victoria, at the hospital, I'd been laboring a long time and I was tired. She knew exactly what to do to refresh my spirit and my body. Both of these ladies worked beautifully with my Midwife and with the hospital staff . As a result, we felt incredibly supported by everyone involved. It was truly a team. I ended up in active labor without medication for almost 20 hours followed by an epidural and eventually a c-section with some complications. It wasn't an easy journey by any means but I can honestly say that we tried everything we could have for a natural birth and that as the decisions had to be made, Heather's guidance and support was essential. She was there to hold my hand when I came out of surgery, she held my new baby on my chest so that I could breastfeed even though I wasn't strong enough to hold her myself. When I think of my first moments as a mother, Heather is very much and will always be a huge part of that memory. There's a popular expression that it takes village to raise a child - I think that actually starts before they're born. It took so many wonderful people to bring our daughter into the world, but having a doula (or in this case two) that are solely dedicated to helping you achieve an experience that feels authentic to you, is something you can't put a price tag on. I can honestly say that I feel love for both of them. If we are lucky enough to have more children, Heather and Victoria will without a doubt be part of that process."

Donna Albertson

"366 days ago, I opened my eyes after a contraction and there was Victoria, sitting quietly on my bathroom floor, smiling. She brought a sense of calm to my labor that sustained both me and my husband during those long (!) hours. I can never properly thank her for all she did to help me dig deep, find strength I never knew I had and achieve my goal of delivering naturally. While I know today is my son’s big day and we celebrate his first year, today Victoria also deserves to be celebrated for her generous spirit, endless support and helping me bring my son into the world in such a beautiful way. Happy birth day to you, my dear."

Liz Elegant

"I could not be happier with my experience with 312Doulas and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!!! Although both Heather and Victoria were amazing, the majority of my experience was working with Heather. Heather completely changed everything I thought I knew about childbirth. She educated me on exactly what the body goes through and helped us understand that I had choices and the right to stand up for the type of medical care we received. Heather provided education, support, and guidance throughout the entire process and I am forever grateful for her. I especially love 312Doulas because of the support they offered my fiance. He was able to hold me and help me through the birth because of the guidance and support from Heather. She always allowed him and I to work together and sort of "coached" him at times. This made an incredibly painful experience much more special and and brought my fiance and I much closer together. He was just as much a part of the birth as I was and I couldn't be happier. On October 22 I naturally gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl and I know I couldn't have done it without Heather. No way. Not a chance. Heather was there every step of the way providing reassurance and a comfort and her visitis after the birth were also great because it gave me time to ask all of my millions of questions and have reassurance that I was doing things right. 312Doulas are absolutely amazing and I will definitely be using them again if I have another baby!"

Melissa Poeta

"Both Heather & Victoria have such vast knowledge and are great communicators with other practitioners...making what is best for the family!"

Kris Tohtz, Chiropractor & Acupuncturist

"Victoria and Heather are the BEST!!! They are the first on my list of referrals!"

Dr. Stephanie Maj, Chiropractor

"The experience, kindness and compassion they give their clients are what parents need to have the birth they hope for! Having a doula provides the support needed for a safer more satisfying birth. Babies love doulas!"

Jo Anne Lindberg, Birth Advocate

"Knowing that Heather and Victoria are working with my clients brings me so much joy! They are kind, compassionate, and their clients are so prepared!"

Barbara Belcore, Midwife

"I honestly don't know what I would have done without Victoria and Heather. I had a ton of anxiety due to years of infertility, IVF, and loss, and they provided me with exactly the kind of support I needed--pages of peer-reviewed studies, nutritional advice, evidence-based information, and a strong-yet-gentle vibe that made me feel safe. Like every other mother in the history of the world, my labor didn't go as predicted and was incredibly long and difficult. I remember the precise moment that Victoria showed up with her bags of accoutrements, in-control voice, and warm hands because that was the moment I genuinely felt like I could handle the labor I was having. My labor lasted 46 hours, 24 of which Victoria was present for, supporting both my partner and me. In the end, we were listening to music and laughing at my partner's delirious stories as I pushed my baby out. Afterwards, I was again grateful when breastfeeding turned out to be WAY more complicated than I bargained for and Victoria came by to help. I would hire Victoria and Heather again in a heartbeat and recommend them with the highest confidence and appreciation."

Elizabeth Alvarado

"If the prospect of a first time birth scares you at all, hiring Heather and Victoria will wipe away any fear you have. As I was getting closer to my due date, everyone kept asking if I was ready... my response every time was that I hired two great doulas so I wasn't worried about anything. Sometimes they would be taken aback a little because I am probably one of the first people that has hired a doula in my circles. I didn't interview anyone else other than 312 doulas because I didn't have to. I knew their calm demeanor would keep me and my partner calm and I trusted them from the get go. They provided so much information that would have taken me months to research on my own that I would have never have known about that was so useful and not overwhelming for me and my baby. I would definitely hire them again."

Stephanie Gioiosa

"I am so incredibly thankful that my husband and I had the support of Heather and Victoria for the recent birth of our son. Heather was with us for what turned out to be quite a long labor, and I truly can't imagine having as positive an experience without her! Not only did she provide physical and emotional support for me during labor (in ways I didn't know I needed), she was also a great support for my husband - as being on point for 30+ hours of labor was fairly difficult for him as well. I can only hope that Victoria and Heather are available if we're lucky enough to have a second child!"

Christina Papirnik

"Heather & Victoria are awesome!! Their experience and knowledge is unique and they do a great job of sharing it with their clients in easy bite sized ways. They are focused on evidence based information which combined with their experience really helps parents navigate and prepare. We appreciated their help and guidance during pregnancy. Heather attended our birth and seemed to know just how to help exactly when I needed it. She was the perfect balance of hands on but also letting me have space. She was such an important team member for our birth!"

Claire Jadin

"When I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to have a doula and I knew just where to go as Heather came highly recommended to me. After meeting with Heather and Victoria we didn't need to look any further and you don't either. Seriously just hire them now! Their wealth of knowledge and experience, Hypnobabies classes, interest in helping us follow our ideal birthing plan with the support to change providers to have the birth that we wanted is exactly what we needed as first time parents. After working with Heather and Victoria and attending Hypnobabies classes we felt like we had a great amount of knowledge that supported the decisions we were making for our family. After finishing Hypnobabies my husband said that he felt like he had more knowledge that most moms have after attending a birthing crash course at a hospital! We both learned so much that we felt confident as we prepared for the birth of our daughter. We cannot thank Heather enough for going above and beyond during class! Victoria was at our birth and I'm pretty sure that she made everyone's job easier that day. Our midwife loves her! Victoria is so intuitive that she knew exactly what to do just when I needed it most. She guided us by suggesting different techniques during my most intense birthing waves. At one point all I heard was her calm voice encouraging me to breathe. She kept us both connected and communicating all while reinforcing what a good job we were doing. I tell everyone how awesome my husband was while I was in my birthing time because of the tools that we learned from 312 doulas. After my birth Victoria stayed to assist with breastfeeding before heading off to help the next lucky family. We saw her a few days later when she dropped off my encapsulated placenta pills and she took the time to see how we were adjusting. A couple weeks later at our postnatal visit she answered all of questions and concerns. Every interaction that we had with Victoria made me feel supported which is what every mother needs. Having a natural childbirth like I wanted made me feel completely empowered. I truly love telling my birth story as it was the story that I hoped for. I had a very positive birth experience and I know it's largely due to what I learned in class, the 312 doulas secret and the amazing guidance and support from Heather and Victoria. We will definitely call our favorite doulas for baby #2!"

Krystal Lee

"We are so happy that a) we decided to use a doula, and b) that we chose Heather and Victoria with 312 Doulas. As first time parents, the one thing we really learned from all our pre-birth classes is that we needed to have experienced support, both leading up to the "big day" and in the room itself when the birth happened. The bottom line is that if you are even thinking about using a doula, and you live anywhere around Chicago (we were northern suburbs), these are the right two people to pick (everyone else we talked to, nurses, midwives, teachers etc all lit up when we told them we hired 312 Doulas, one of them assured us they were the "best doulas in all of Chicago" and after our experience it's hard to disagree). If you're looking for specifics, here were the 3 things that they brought to the table that made our birth so great: 1- Emotional support and knowledge. They saw us through all the toughest contactions and seem to have unlimited patience, methods, strategies during such a difficult time. It's obvious they have so much experience with many different types of women/couples, especially "total beginners." With all the chaos around your birth it's nice having that 1-1 support who totally has your back the entire time. 2- Comprehensive support. They were there before, during and after the birth. They were truly "on call" and made it easy to get in touch with them whenever, however. 3- Professionalism and sophistication. From the very first meeting we were supplied with great "cliffnotes" style resources/packets/guides (which helps when the big day comes and you don't want to sort through your piles of birth notes hanging off your desk). They also have a very modern web-based portal to keep track of all your notes (which you barely have to take because they will take them for you during your meetings and then upload them for you right away for access at any time). It all feels very "put-together" and thought-out. This isn't a rag-tag operation. It's the real deal, and you pay for it, but what could be more important?"

Meghan Cox

"Heather and Victoria have been absolutely amazing!! So supportive, knowledgeable and always answering questions or concerns we have had. We are expecting twins and their support has been a blessing to us! Thank you so much ladies!"

Diana Matichyn

"Heather and Victoria are a complete package! They both bring such a grounding peaceful energy which is exactly what I needed during my birth experience. They have so many tips and tools that they used during my contractions such as essential oils, heat packs, offered hands on support to help manage contractions and more. They provided a voice for me when I needed support with hospital staff and they provided a bit of relief for my husband when he felt exhausted too! I recommend hiring a doula, and specifically this doula duo!! Thank you for being there for both Leo and Miles birth!"

Jesi Verchota
2 babies with 312Doulas!

"Working with Heather and Victoria before and during my birth was an incredible experience. They are so supportive, encouraging and know exactly what you need when you need it (intuitive). They were always there to answer my questions and support me through all of the new decisions around my birth. Heather was at my birth and I'm so grateful that we had her as a knowledgeable and wise source of insight during labor for myself and my husband. She knew when it was time for me to push, helped my husband know how to support me, and encouraged me to use my contractions in the last 30 minutes of pushing. Having her there with me made my birthing the most incredible experience and better than I could have imagined. I'm pretty sure that her encouragement was what helped me to push for only an hour as well. I'm forever grateful!"

Ariel Frey

"This is way overdue...6 months to be exact! I was first introduced to Heather and Victoria by my friend Christine who said she couldn't have done natural birth without them and how helpful they were for her husband too. She then told me she was using them again for her second and so my husband and I decided to meet them. From the start I was not opposed to an epidural and really just wanted a doula for their knowledge of births and I was not at all head strong on having a natural birth. From the first meeting my husband and I were on board. Although, I was a bit hesitant on the cost it was WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! I was amazed at their knowledge and experience. We decided to do the hypnobabies class with Heather and we were again given so much information about pregnancy and labor that I told my husband how do women give birth without knowing all of this?! We joked that we were on the hypnobabies fast track because our due date only allowed for us to take 3 of the 6 classes. While I was skeptical of the idea we ended up really using some of what we learned during my labor. We were both happy that we took the classes. Heather and Victoria are there to make YOUR birth story happen and not their ideal one. So, if you want an epidural or a c-section they will be with you through it all and especially if the birth immediately changes into a c-section which happened to another girl in our class. She said she was so thankful to have Heather there to explain what was happening and what they would do in the OR, etc. She made a chaotic, scary, emotional time much more calm and manageable for her and her family. Without me even realizing it (I'm not sure at what point) my thoughts turned into wanting a natural birth. I think it was all of the information that we learned and that the baby will come when she's ready! Heather and Victoria research/study, go to conferences, and have so much hands on experience. AND, most importantly they use evidence based practice which sadly not many doctors/hospitals have integrated into their own practice. By no means are they against physicians though (I had a physician). SO, all this to say that I so very highly recommend Heather and Victoria. Going into labor I was not worried at all because they are pros and have done this literally hundreds and hundreds of times! Heather was the doula on call the night and went into labor and she was texting and talking to my husband throughout the day and told us whenever we wanted she would come over to our place. My labor and delivery went very well and it was so great having Heather there as she walked us through what the nurses and doctor were doing (more thoroughly than they would have done). She was encouraging and reassuring and made sure my husband was doing (and saying) the right things. She stayed with us two hours after delivery and made sure our baby girl latched on well for her very first nursing. It was all so amazing and wonderful and I ended up having a natural birth! I can not express how amazing Heather and Victoria are and how very highly I recommend having them be a part of your birth story as they call it. We will definitely have them be a part of any additional birth stories we may have in the future. Again, the knowledge and experience is so worth having and the cost is worth every penny and more! Thank you both so much! Heather, you are forever a part of the special story of Ellie."

Jennifer Kreuter

"Heather is fantastic! We did her hypnobabies class to prepare for baby's birth and we hired her as our doula. I had an amazing, empowering birth and have her to thank for keeping my husband and I focused and calm. She's the best! ♡"

Janna Gartland Nobleza
Hypnobabies & Doula

"312 doula's are amazing and helped me through 2 natural births. I could not have done it without them especially when my second was 10 days late and I needed pitcoin. I was still able to still have my non medicated, uncomplicated birth with their help. Thank you Heather and Victoria!"

Christina Creevy Knox, Chiropractor
Repeat client!

"I cannot say enough about how amazing these two women are! This was my second birth with Victoria. She helped me feel calm, confident and informed for both births. I achieved my goal of a totally natural & drug free birth both times. I loved meeting Heather this time around, and truly appreciated and welcomed her insight and wealth of experience. I highly recommend 312 Doulas to anyone seeking support for their birth journeys!"

Elizabeth Zorza Godbold

"We used Victoria for the births of both our children and couldn’t speak more highly of her. Victoria has an incredible depth of knowledge about childbirth. She helps you navigate how to successfully have the type of birth you want by equipping you with the questions to ask your doctor, possible problems that may arise and how to deal with them, and wonderful pain management tools. She is so kind, warm and encouraging. I wish every woman who has a child could have Victoria by her side! For our first birth I knew I wanted to do it unmedicated but I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it. To top it off, I had blood pressure issues, which put me at high risk, so using a midwife or going to a birthing center was out of the question. I would be with my OBGYN delivering at Prentice and I would very likely be induced at 39 weeks. I was wavering in my confidence that I could get through an induction without an epidural. Victoria helped both my husband and I navigate our options with the induction. During labor she was fantastic. She helped me with breathing and encouraged me to try many different positions and places (bed, ball, shower) to manage the pain. I think she was as much of a help to my husband, who she was able to keep calm and reassure him that everything was progressing the way it should. Our daughter was born healthy and I felt so incredibly proud that I was able to do it the way I wanted, even with the induction. For our second child there was no question as to if we would hire Victoria again. This time I went into labor naturally and since I hadn’t experienced natural early labor before it was really wonderful having Victoria there to text and call in the days and hours leading up to the delivery. Having someone to talk to that has been through this hundreds of times is so helpful because inevitably you have a million questions (am I actually in labor, what can I do to try to relax, how long should we wait to go to the hospital?). Victoria had all the answers. Once at the hospital the baby came fast and furious. Victoria was coaching me every step of the way and I was so thrilled to have the completely natural birth experience I had wanted with our first child. If you are on the fence, jump over it, and hire Victoria as soon as you can!"

LIvia McCormick Kenney
2 x client with Victoria

"Where do I begin! Heather and Victoria are both so amazing. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with both of these wonderful ladies. Prior to moving to Chicago, I had a really bad experience with the birth of my first child and ended up with a 4th degree tear due to vacuum extraction. My husband and I wanted to avoid interventions with the second birth and go as natural as possible. My sister in law recommended finding a doula so I searched for the best doula services in Chicago on yelp and stumbled upon 312 Doulas. Both Heather and Victoria and are very well informed, quite experienced and certainly good at what they do. During our meetings prior to the birth, they answered all my questions and concerns very thoroughly. The birth of my second baby did not go as planned, but they both stood by my side. Their encouraging words and reassurance helped me get through my labor and delivery. Heather was there for the hardest most painful part--my labor! She helped me realize how strong I was which really pushed me to get through the pain. I ended up taking an epidural after 16 hours of contractions and she completely supported my decision. Victoria was present for the actual delivery. Even though I took the epidural, I could feel the baby's head coming down. Victoria helped me resist the urge to push and instead showed me how to breathe the baby down which significantly lowered my chances of ending up with a bad perineal tear again. I remember she even hugged my mom and cried tears of joy after the baby came out. It was truly a emotional and beautiful moment. I honestly don't think things would have been as smooth if it wasn't for them. Thank you so both much for all that you do! ♥"

Asfiya Khatoon
2nd time family

"I found Heather through the Gentle Birth Care website. My husband and I had such a wonderful experience with them, so I knew that if she had worked there and was on their website, Heather must be someone special. I originally did research on classes to take and knew that Hypnobabies was right for us as it seemed so positive. We took the 6-week Hypnobabies class with Heather and felt educated and empowered by all of the incredibly useful and important information she provided in the class. Additionally, it gave me a sense that I would have a mental and somewhat spiritual plan on our birthing day. It mentally prepared me in a positive way that I cannot recommend enough. All of the fear that has been fed to us over our lifetime melted away with Heather's soothing voice reading us weekly Hypnobabies scripts! It also made me feel a great connection with my husband who attended all the classes with me and listened to the super relaxing meditative tracks with me every night. We loved that she was also an evidence-based birth instructor and have since used many of the resources she provided to have informed discussions with friends and family. We had already decided home birth was right for us and the class cemented that decision further. Although everyone else in the class was giving birth in a hospital setting, Heather did a great job presenting the information for all situations without making anyone feel judged by their choice. Although, I will say it made me feel like home birth was the best decision based on what she did have to say. Have a home birth folks you'll love it ;) We had originally hired other Doulas - who had very nice doulas but were nowhere near as experienced as Heather and Victoria. After the 6 week class at my 36 weeks of pregnancy, I had a come to Jesus moment and my baby insisted that I have Heather at my birth instead of the doulas we originally hired. Unfortunately, other Doulas was absolutely terrible to work with on this (that's another review) and we ended up double paying for a doula. Point being, we felt very strongly about having Heather at the birth. And I was so happy on our birthing day that she was there - it was totally worth it and I figured a once in a lifetime thing I better get right. I text her that morning about my water leaking and sent her a text about bloody show. From there on out she communicated with my husband and showed up when I needed her. Upon her arrival, she coached me on breathing, sounds to make instead of hyperventilating, different positions, and let me squeeze her small strong hands through each wave. Her calming and familiar voice was a constant comfort to both me and my husband. She also made sure that my husband was able to catch our son during the water birth. She stayed afterward to help me start breastfeeding and came back to our house a few days later with my placenta pills and belly binding. She also spent time reminiscing about our birth story which was wonderful. We can't thank her enough for the support, care, and beautiful birthing experience she helped us create in our home 1.8.17. Take her class, hire her as your doula - you will have the birth you've been dreaming of! Thanks Heather - keep up the great work!"

Danielle Fernandez
Hypnobabies & Homebirth

"I can't say enough positive things about 312Doulas. I interviewed 3 different doula teams and 312Doulas hit it out of the park. Both Victoria and Heather are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the entire birthing process from start to finish and are well versed on evidence based birthing practices. I had the pleasure of working with Victoria as she was on call when we welcomed #3. With #1 being a c-section, #2 a VBAC with epidural, I was excited about the opportunity for a drug free birth with #3. Victoria helped me achieve that goal in every way and I could not have done it without her. Both Victoria and Heather made pregnancy and birth #3 a breath of fresh air in a space where I already felt knowledgeable and prepared, they blew me away with what they brought to the table. Don't look any further, this is your team and who you want by your side as you welcome your new baby!"

Melissa Block
3rd time family


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