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👶🏼 Breech Pregnancy, Breech Suprises

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2019

Wow! Breech feels like an epidemic right now! We see you, mamas! 

Just last night an amazing first time mom, thanks to her health, coping tools & the 312Doulas Secret 😉​QUICKLY got to 10 cm...and then her provider discovered the baby had flipped to BREECH in the last week! With the support of her amazing midwives, she was able to have a spectacular family-centered cesarean birth 💕

💌 We’d love to hear from any of you (or if you can share on our FB pg) what your experiences were of breech pregnancy, version, or birth (we’ve even had a few accidental breech births ;)

What the heck! There is only ONE provider in Chicagoland who is a breech expert + will catch first time mama breech babies. She is Dr. Alfreda Hampton @ Mercy hospital. She’s amazing, and provides a consult to walk through all the options.

Dr. Hampton is also GREAT at VERSION - the manual turning of a baby. 

(Side note: I used to do versions at the birth center in Portland)

  • What can we do for PREVENTION
  • What about TREATMENT?
    • 312Doulas has a special Breech visit focused on the Spinning Babies movements + other tools, including essential oils. ​
    • Version: when babies are persistently but first, it can be helpful to manuall move them into a head down position. Depending on the provider, it can be very successful! We join our clients for these visits, and help them schedule with the provide who has the most success. 
  • What about Breech Birth? (Follow this link for a wonderful breech birth video)
    • As mentioned above, Dr. Hampton is a great option in Chicagoland for first time birth. 
    • Dr. Dan Pesavento is also an option for people who have had births before.
    • There are also many CPMs and OB options in Wisconsin providing breech birth options
    • And of course....
    • The Farm in Tennessee. We have a few families travel there for their births!​ 🚙

As always,

Heather McCullough CPM, CAPPA Faculty CLD, CPD, CLE

Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner & Parent Educator

Evidence Based Birth® Instructor

Hypnobabies® Instructor

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