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Birth Story: prodromal birth, hypnobabies + homebirth

Frankie's Birth Story for the full, glorious version!

What an honor to walk with Nicole as she powerfully met Frankie in April. Her birth story is wonderfully crafted, and I hope it provides inspiration and support to any who need it.

'It felt like I had just unlocked a whole new set of arsenal to help me get through labor' - regarding hypnosis in birth

'I leaned over and gave Nate a big kiss. Partly because Ina May taught me kissing your partner produces oxytocin which helps labor and partly because I felt so in love and connected to him and excited that we were bringing a child into the world together.'

'It felt like surfing: intensity, a break to catch my breath and more intensity.'

“with each surge, I go deeper and deeper relaxed” and “I can allow strong sensations to run through me without resistance”

'After having gone through it I can say there is no way I would want to not have a water birth – it was so natural and really helped with...

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