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VBAC class+Swaddling+SUMMER DISCOUNTS+Juicing


Happy Early Easter! 

We would LOVE to see some Easter Basket / Bunny photos of all the wee ones we've met in 2018 💕💕💕

VBAC Class: 

May 5th we're offering a VBAC Class  - please join / share if you can!

One of our dear friends, Kimberly Bepler, created these amazing 7 Swaddles videos to walk families through seven swaddling methods that are also linked to developmental stages for babies. Who knew!

Kimberly is also one of my fellow CAPPA Faculty members, training for CAPPA.

6 Days Away! 

Add it to your calendar: the Neighborhood Parenting Network's ONLINE AUCTION starts April 24th through April 28th (just 4 days!). 

312Doulas of course has a discount up for auction, but some of the other great finds:

  • Discount on Kid's Birthday Party @ FFC!!! (climbing walls, anyone?)
  • Little Beans Playdate Pass
  • TONS of Yoga/Fitness packages
  • Dining discounts
  • Acupuncture & Massage
  • Shedd / Zoos / Museum discounts...

Heather & Victoria are also doing A LOT of JUICING!

3 am births just don't facilitate good fav is a 3Musketeers bar (YUK!). 
Thank goodness for Farmer's Fridge at almost all of the hospitals we visit!

We're using Jason Vale's recipes which have been really lovely.

Pictured with us is Dr. Amber Price of Willow Pediatrics who stopped by ;) (She is a pediatrician & a Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist 🤩

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