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#WorldDoulaWeek: Savvy Prenatal Visits, CAPPA Trainings


We see you, warriors! 

@312Doulas 🧡our work supporting birthing families.

Such an honor to hold your stories.

But we'd love to hear them from YOU.

For #worlddoulaweek, consider taking the time to share on FB, Google, DoulaMatch, or Yelp if you can.

Current (& future) Clients

One of the many ways fear can be reduced & confidence increased is through education. ALL of our clients have access to the Savvy Prenatal Visits from Evidence Based Birth®.

Learn more by watching the video - reach out if you need access of course!


This week Heather is teaching BOTH the Labor Doula & Postpartum Doula Trainings for CAPPA - there is still time to register & join in, and would love to have you & your special gifts.

FYI - the world needs more doulas.

"Evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor."
Approaches to Limit Interventions During Labor and Birth

ACOG Committee Opinion

December 2018

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